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You can now create an account with us! 

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Shipping updates

As of June our restock sales will only include "Ready-To-Ship" items. We will still host pre-order sales for new items from time to time so keep an eye out for our updates! 

Shipping on orders placed from March-May: We are working as fast as we can to catch up and push the remaining orders out. Please try to refrain from emailing us for updates (We don't have 'updates' for you. Once your items are complete they will ship). 

We have restructured the way we are currently selling items in an effort to catch up quicker. Please be patient and don't worry. Emailing us and sending us repeated messages isn't helping anyone or anything. We are committed to quality and promise to provide the best products we can, that means taking our time to make sure everything is made correctly and at a level of quality that we try to maintain. 

We are cutting way back on sales for June in order to make sure EVERYTHING gets shipped out. You can expect your March-April orders before July 1st. 

Please keep in mind

Please keep in mind that while Plurdenland is a team of 2 only ONE person is creating the plurdenland plushies. Each plush is handmade with lots of love and care, that may mean that from time to time things take just a little bit longer than they are supposed to. Thank you for your patience and support!! 

Make your own raven chick plush!


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