We're On Vacation!

Don't worry, we'll be back soon! Anything purchased from our shop between October 10th - 20th will ship after our return. 

Our shop was converted to only ready to ship items a little earlier this month so that when we return we can use as much time as we have available to get ALL existing orders made and shipped out. We thank you for your patience! That should only take a few weeks (not including the week we will be gone).

With that being said, we will no longer be offering made to order items as the stress from impatient customers has become to much. We know this will present an even larger problem for those of you that had a hard time getting one of our dolls to begin with, but this is for mental health's sake that it needs to be done this way. We are truly sorry. The best way to know what's coming to the shop is to follow @plurdenlandmortuary 's instagram stories. This is where work in progress photos are posted and most often this is where it's announced first that something has been listed.  Following page posts may help as well but please keep in mind most items sell out in minutes. 

Updates on generalized 'plans', shipping days, projects ect. can also be found on instagram. 

Thank you all for your continued and unwavering support! None of this would survive without you <3 

-By 'we' I mean me [Felicia] and my helpful team of useless cats ;) of course.



Plurdenland: Happiness and beauty in the darkest setting. 

Home of the original crochet Black Phillip doll.

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