Shop info & policies



  • Full payment is required at the time of purchase, we do not offer payment plans at this time. 
  • We accept all cards (Debit/Credit). We are no longer accepting PayPal. 



  • We aim to keep prices as low as possible, we are not making money off extra shipping fees. 
  • We ship most items First Class (domestic and international). That includes a tracking number which you will receive by email once your shipping label has been printed. 
  • Items weighing over a pound or with a value of more than $150 are shipped Priority, which also includes tracking and insurance on the package. 
  • TRACKING NUMBERS: Sometimes we print labels ahead of shipping dates so your tracking number may not show active until we actually drop your package off at the post office. This is not an issue, it just means the post office hasn't scanned the label in. (Please do not email or message us asking about this). 
  • Neither shipping option will make your order ship faster, so please do not select "priority" with the mindset that it means faster shipping. Remember: these items are handmade. 
  • COMBINING SHIPPING: *We combine shipping on orders at our discretion.*  Multiple orders may ship together under certain circumstances,  in those cases we will refund extra shipping costs. Please keep in mind that more items in one box doesn't necessarily mean the shipping cost will be the same. Orders placed at different times may not be shipped together in order for us to keep orders shipping on time. 

Shipping Times


  • Nearly every item in our shop is HANDMADE. Please be aware before purchasing anything that these items do not ship immediately. The wait time on handmade items can be lengthy due to high demand. 
  • Please do NOT email or message us asking about shipping updates "I haven't received my shipping confirmation" or "I just want to make sure I didn't miss the email". Please don't. We hear that same thing daily. If you didnt get its because you didn't get it. It hasn't shipped yet. Our shop and shipping services send TWO emails when your item's shipping label has been printed. Please just wait patiently. 
  • Due to the high demand we are only able to list small quantities of particular items at any given time. This means if you tell us that you need an item you purchased by a certain date, your order will be refunded. We cannot meet buyer shipping expectations when we are not informed beforehand and there's no way for a buyer to inform us prior due to the demand. So please keep that in mind before purchasing anything for an "event".
  • Additionally, any buyer that repeatedly emails or messages us to inquire about shipping times will also be refunded (with or without notice). We are VERY busy and do not have time to keep relaying information that is available right here on our website. 

Custom Orders

Sorry! We don't do custom orders!  Also, no you cannot  custom order an item I've already made. We do not do reserved items, or custom items. Our shop is first come first serve with the products that we've created. 

Returned Packages and Refunds

Packages returned to us due to an "undeliverable address" are available to be shipped out again at the buyer's discretion. Additional shipping fees and a reconfirmation of the shipping address will be required before the package can be shipped a second time. 

We will provide a link to purchase additional shipping. If the address provided matches the insufficient address on the original order form we will refund the additional shipping and the item will not be re-shipped. If you need to provide a relative or friends address to ensure delivery, please do. 

*We do not change or alter any addresses provided with orders. We cannot be held accountable for invalid addresses that were provided to us at the time the order was placed.  

Items returned to us may be refunded for the ITEM cost only. You will not receive the full total back. We have to pay fees and shipping on every purchase made from our shop. By purchasing items from us you are agreeing to our conditions. 

Care and Handling

Our plushies are not designed for children, to go through a washing machine or a dog tummy! Please take care. Most  crochet (yarn) plushies are child safe (NOT baby safe), adult supervision is still recommended. We are not responsible for broken or damaged items, or self injury once the product is in its new home. 

Spot wash with a towel and warm water. Keep in mind, the more the yarn is pushed around the more it will 'fuzz' up. So only wash when absolutely necessary.  

T-Shirt/Hoodie care: Please wash inside out in cold water and air dry. Images may fade, bleed or become damaged if hand washed, washed in hot water or machine dried. 




We have not and will not publish the pattern for our goat plush. That is our design created BY Plurdenland FOR Plurdenland. We sell our finished products so its for our use only. Please do not try to recreate our designs to sell in your own shop. That is stealing. 

We do publish pop culture character and other creature patterns for FREE from time to time, at our discretion. 

Upcoming events

We live on the EAST coast. 

Our upcoming events:

Harrisburg POP Con (September 21, 22 - Harrisburg PA)

Save Against Fear Con (October 11-13 - Harrisburg PA)




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