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Payments are due when the order is placed. 

Our shop currently accepts all debit/credit cards as well PayPal. 


Due to the nature of most items in our shop we do not accept returns and we do not offer refunds. If you are unhappy with an item you've ordered please let us know so we can work out a resolution. If a product arrives damaged please let us know!


We ship most of our orders First Class via USPS, and tracking numbers are emailed when the package label has been printed. If you'd like to explore different shipping options or would like to insure your package please let us know PRIOR to placing your order! (additional costs may apply). We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. (Keep an eye on your tracking number and make sure you or someone you trust is around to collect your mail if you're concerned about theft. Thats why tracking numbers are important). Likewise, packages returned to us due to insufficient addresses, or the customer neglecting to collect the item from the post are also not our responsibility. If the item is returned to us you are responsible for extra shipping costs. Please make sure your address is correct when you checkout!!


We will not cancel or refund purchases on pre-order items. Please make sure you understand all the information provided about the item and are content with the dates provided for estimated shipping. If you need to change an address on a pre-ordered item please let us know via email 


Please be aware that most items in our shop are handmade, this means we have to take the time to physically make each and every item! While our shipping times are usually low, life happens, so please allow the appropriate amount of time for your item to ship before messaging us! (Shipping times are listed IN the descriptions of each item). Holiday, weather, and other delays are posted when need be at the top of the webpage. If you need an item before a certain date please check with us prior to placing your order so we know what we need to do! (Rush orders during holiday season may have a slight price increase). 

Please do not email us at our paypal email. We will not respond to emails sent to that address. Additionally please try to refrain from asking about 'order statuses' we do not work that way. Customers repeatedly emailing us for updates will have their orders canceled and refunded. We are selling handmade items, they take time to make. Please be aware of that before you purchase anything. 


Our plushies are not designed to go through a washing machine or a dog tummy! Please take care. Most plushies are child safe (NOT baby safe), adult supervision is still recommended. We are not responsible for broken or damaged items, or self injury once the product is in its new home. 

Spot wash with a towel and warm water. Keep in mind, the more the yarn is pushed around the more it will 'fuzz' up. So only wash when absolutely necessary.  

T-Shirt/Hoodie care: Please wash inside out in cold water and air dry. Images may fade or become damaged if hand washed, washed in hot water or machine dried.